Animal Crossing 5 Pin Pack – Badge / Magnet


Pack of 5 pins with the characters from Animal Crossing!
Get it as a Pinback button or a fridge magnet!


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Animal Crossing 5 Pin Pack – Badge / Magnet Accessories accessory

Size and Material Specs ⚙️

Our badges are 38 mm ( 1-5 inches) in diameter.
They are metal backed and hand pressed one by one.
Completely made from German components made in Europe.
They are highly durable and feel very high end!

The image has a protective cover that is water proof, so if you are wearing it and it rains, it’s fine!

Animal Crossing 5 Pin Pack – Badge / Magnet Accessories accessory

Pin-back button or Magnet

Choose between a pinback button that you can use as an accessory, or a magnet that you can use to make your fridge look super awesome!
Both options are made the same way with the same components, except one has a pin back, another has a magnet back. 
They are both great options, but we recommend the magnet if this is for a small child, because the needle can be dangerous for small children.

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