BT21 Tote Bag Accessories bag
BT21 Tote Bag
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BT21 Tote Bag



Represent BTS and BT21 with this awesome and cute tote bag!
Tote bags are the essential to carry anything from books to groceries, to stationery, to your most needed belongings.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Reusable and durable shopping bag
  • Environmentally friendly

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  • 24h Response time
  • Awesome Support Team
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BT21 Tote Bag Accessories bag

Top Quality Print 🏆

We only use the best quality prints, stretchy and soft to touch!
Our bags are very durable and the white option is made out of canvas, recycled material.
Many geeky designs available from the pop culture world! 

Useful and Eco-Friendly 🌲

Tote bags are super useful to transport all of your personal items, they can be used as a grocery shopping bag or carry your favorite books and gadgets!

Help preserve the environment with tote bags, a more eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags, given they can be reused multiples times!

BT21 Tote Bag Accessories bag

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