Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy 35g American Snacks american
Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy 35g

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy 35g


If you like spicy food, you will LOVE these.
It’s actually a problem because we have these at our store and we have to keep ourselves from eating all of them.
Like they usually say “don’t get high on your own supply”.

They are an awesome combination of cheesy spicy crunchy goodness.

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Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy 35g American Snacks american

Imported from the USA

We import the most awesome candy and snacks directly from the United States of America.

Try American Candy and American Cereal at home with your family and friends!

Don’t need to fly there to have a taste, we carry a variety of products ready to ship directly to your home!


Also available as a Mystery Box!

Feel like trying ALL CANDY?

We know the feeling. It can get expensive to start throwing all sorts of candy goodness into your shopping cart. 

No worries, we got you covered!

Get our famous American Candy Mystery Box and be amazed by an awesome assortment of candy and snacks.

Available in many sizes, from Small to Large!

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy 35g American Snacks american

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