Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible Collectibles bridges
Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible
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Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible



“A cryptobiote a day keeps the timefall away” – Fragile

These tiny creatures have the amazing characteristic of being both cute and gross at the same time. They are small life forms in the world created by Hideo Kojima in the videogame called Death Stranding. The characters in the game eat these tiny creatures to replenish their blood level. Yes, they eat this whole. It’s kind of disgusting but a funny thing at the same time that is very important throughout the game.


  • Hand-Sculpted and painted
  • Made to be as screen accurate as possible
  • 1:1 Scale
  • Solid piece, strong material
  • Makes your blood levels increase just by owning it!
  • Given to you by Fragile!
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Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible Collectibles bridges

Death Stranding – Cryptobiotes

Our prop making team has done it again! An amazing hand sculpted piece made to look as closely as possible as the “real deals” from the Death Stranding videogame. Once you see one in person, you’ll know how amazingly detailed and accurate these cryptobiotes really are!

Death Stranding Merch

Here at Solidpop we really LOVE this game, so we’re commited to find, create and sell the best possible Death Stranding merchandise for you to enjoy and collect! From official merch to fan made by us, we’re gonna make sure you get the best possible, from one fan to another!

Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible Collectibles bridges
Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible Collectibles bridges

Cryptobiotes Fun Fact

On the game, even if you have your blood levels at maximum capacity, you can still get more Cryptobiotes to store away and eat them later on!  It’s a great way to get your HP up when you are in a tough fight 😀

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1 review for Cryptobiote – Death Stranding Collectible

  1. Zoey

    The quality is amazing! looks lifelike, even looks kind of moist

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