Fallout Laser Pistol – AEP7 Handgun Prop

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A 3D printed Fallout laser pistol.


Fallout cosplay prop, non-working replica

Hand-painted and weathered! Vinyl decals for details.

3D model by Lillykill

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Fallout Laser Pistol – AEP7 Handgun Prop Bestsellers aep7

AEP7 Laser Pistol – A 3D printed Replica

We try to recreate the prop as accurately as possible.Even the distressed look from the nuclear wasteland we try to make it look as weathered as we can. The props are 3D printed and hand finished every single time by our expert prop making team.

This prop is convention SAFE

Since this prop as a very sci-fi look, it doesn’t look real at all. That’s the advantage with most Fallout Props, most look unreal and therefore are not banned from conventions!

Fallout Laser Pistol – AEP7 Handgun Prop Bestsellers aep7


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