Firewalk Lighter – Life is Strange

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Fire Walk Lighter! Inspired by the band that appears in the videogame Life is Strange

Only suitable for adults

Flammable fluid (lighter fluid) will not be included due to air restrictions.
Paintjob might be different each time because we hand-paint every single one! But they will all look similar 🙂

All our props and replicas are made to look like they came from the videogame and they are made to look distressed on purpose.

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Firewalk Lighter – Life is Strange Collectibles collectible

Made to look like the Fire Walk Band Logo

These lighters are our original creation. Although They do appear in the shirt, nobody was doing the actual lighter until we started doing it! The lighter in the logo drawing appears worn out like it’s been through ages. We make the lighter exactly like that. It looks old, but works like new!

Does not come with lighter fluid

We ship these worldwide through airplanes, and air-travel forbids the shipping of lighters with lighter fluid, therefore we ship them completely dry to ensure they arrive safely to your door. Don’t know how to load lighter fluid? not to worry, we found this tutorial by wiki-how that illustrates how to do it perfectly! click here

Firewalk Lighter – Life is Strange Collectibles collectible

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  1. Carolane

    I Love it!

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