FULL N7 ARMOR / Mass Effect Cosplay EVA Foam Set



FULL N7 ARMOR – Male or Female Commander Shepard

Perfect Mass Effect Cosplay ! Entirely made of EVA foam

Once you purchase, we provide a simple guide for you to take measurements. This way we can make sure the costume fits you perfectly.

We’ll make the costume using the measurements you provided, so make sure you take them correctly and ask questions if you have any, we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

There are 3 Options:

Basic Version Male

Basic Version Female

ME3 Version Male (inspired by 3rd game)

The ME3 version is slightly more expensive because of the added belt, upgraded shoulder armor and the entire thing is sealed with a special coating to allow a more metallic finish.

The basic version is all black, with the red N7 line over the right arm (just like the pictures)

Always remember that it is hard to wear a full set of armor, and minor damages might occur.

Also, no matter how accurate your measurements are, sometimes adjustments need to be made. Only buy this item if you are a cosplayer and have basic gluing / cutting skills! (we’ll help you either way).

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Handcrafted with ❤️

All our Cosplay items, either props or suits of armor are carefully handmade in our prop lab. Carefully done with the most finest details and finishes. Built in Portugal and shipped directly to our door! Time for a realistic adventure with your friends!

FULL N7 ARMOR / Mass Effect Cosplay EVA Foam Set Cosplay armor
FULL N7 ARMOR / Mass Effect Cosplay EVA Foam Set Cosplay armor

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Cosplay is all about love for the characters. Some people like making their own costumes, others like wearing them and have fun. Either way, we got you covered!

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There is no age limit for our cosplay costumes. No matter if you are 10 or 100 years old! Release the child that lives in your heart. At Solidpop we build any suit of armor that will fit your desired size

FULL N7 ARMOR / Mass Effect Cosplay EVA Foam Set Cosplay armor

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Basic Version Male, Basic Version Female, ME3 Version Male

1 review for FULL N7 ARMOR / Mass Effect Cosplay EVA Foam Set

  1. Mike

    Amazing detail and craftsmanship. It’s just like the real thing except not real…thank you!

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