M6G Magnum – Halo Cosplay Prop Collectibles armor
M6G Magnum – Halo Cosplay Prop
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M6G Magnum – Halo Cosplay Prop

$130.43 $108.69


This Halo M6G Magnum Prop is perfect for your cosplay or as an awesome collectible!

Did you know you can get one of these FOR FREE with our ODST full set of armor ?


  • Made to the videogame reference
  • Hand Painted to be as screen accurate as possible
  • 1:1 Scale
  • 3D printed plastic
  • Lightweight, yet enough to make it feel cool


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M6G Magnum – Halo Cosplay Prop Collectibles armor

The coolest Halo Prop For Sale

We always try to bring you the coolest props for your Halo Cosplay!
Why is this one special? because it’s the most popular and common Halo sidearm, which means it’s SUPER recognizable! This makes it the perfect gift for any Halo fan, or the best accessory for your costume or armor!

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