Odradek Prop – Death Stranding Cosplay Collectibles cosplay
Odradek Prop – Death Stranding Cosplay

Odradek Prop – Death Stranding Cosplay


The Death Stranding prop that will complete your Sam Bridges Cosplay.

Watch this video to see how it works https://imgur.com/gallery/OU8Kebr

What you see on the pictures and video is the prototype, the production model you are purchasing is better. It has more detail, better paintjob, more animation options (different speeds), stronger motors and overall stronger build quality.


  • Made to look as close to the videogame as possible
  • It works with a button that has a long wire (so that you can hide inside your clothing).
  • One long press and it opens/closes – small clicks will change the speed of the flaps.
  • The bottom part (see pictures) has holes that you can use to zip tie this to your backpack, belt, whatever you prefer
  • Fully adjustable Arm
  • Lightweight, 3D printed plastic
  • Sam Bridges approves, and BB likes it as well.



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Odradek Prop – Death Stranding Cosplay Collectibles cosplay

Odradek Prop – Death Stranding

We did our best making it look like this exact reference, plus some gameplay videos of course.
At SOLIDPOP we are massive fans of Death Stranding, so making some intricate props for cosplay was a no brainer.
We are really proud of what we came up with!

Fully Adjustable – For your Sam Bridges Cosplay

The arm is fully adjustable, it’s tightened by screws so you can adjust at will, so that it fits you just right. Even though you can’t see it on these pictures, that little light on the center of the reference is also featured on this prop!

Odradek Prop – Death Stranding Cosplay Collectibles cosplay

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1 review for Odradek Prop – Death Stranding Cosplay

  1. Tim Schoziak

    I gotta be honest when i ordered i was a little skeptical but I really wanted one so i took the plunge.
    Man, oh man was this the right choice. What an amazing treat. It’s pretty much exactly like the videogame, a little fragile but not to fragile if you get what I mean. It’s a complicated object so I guess it’s supposed to be delicate. But it’s really awesome and I can definitely 100% recommend it to any cosplayer or death stranding fan.

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