Titan Armor – Destiny Cosplay – Custom made Bestsellers armor
Titan Armor – Destiny Cosplay – Custom made
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Titan Armor – Destiny Cosplay – Custom made

$869.53 $706.49


A fully custom made Titan armor.
Each one hand made for your measurements.

3 weeks processing time (the time we take to make the armor and ship it)


  • Chest/back armor
  • Scarf/hood with gray fur
  • Leg and shin armor
  • 2 shoulder pieces
  • 2 armbands
  • 2 Forearm armor

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Titan Armor – Destiny Cosplay – Custom made Bestsellers armor

The most Iconic Destiny Titan Armor

We used the original Destiny 1 game cover with this titan cosplay armor on it as a reference for this costume. It’s the most badass awesome looking titan we found!

The armor just perfectly blends together. Also, it’s easier to wear than most armors, which makes it a perfect candidate for a set that we can make for you guys!
It’s completely made to look like it’s been to war and back!

Titan Armor – Destiny Cosplay – Custom made Bestsellers armor

Made with premium grade EVA Foam

Wait what? made with foam?
It’s called EVA foam, but it doesn’t feel like foam AT ALL!
It’s a flexible material that feels like rubber. It’s a very high density “closed cell” foam. It’s perfect for cosplaying because we can cut it and mold it however we like, and then it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear!
There are many types of different foams, for this costume we only use the best because it really requires that, otherwise it wouldn’t look as good.
Titan Armor – Destiny Cosplay – Custom made Bestsellers armor

Completely Hand Made

This costume is completely done by hand by our prop making team. We’ve been making armors professionally for a long time, so we know what we are doing.
We will ask you for some basic measurements – generally speaking this costume fits everyone, but we like to make sure it does with some body measurements!
It you are buying it as a gift, don’t worry, just tell us the average height the person has or show us a picture of the cosplayer 🙂

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Weight 2 kg


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