Zelda Master Sword Replica – Metal and Leather

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Made from actual Metal, specifically 1045 high steel, full tang!

Measures around 130 cm in length

High-quality Sheath included

Features highly detailed engravings. Features an authentic aluminium alloy for the handle hard and finished with an anodized bronze antique look, to make it feel more realistic.

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Zelda Master Sword Replica – Metal and Leather Collectibles link

Actual Metal Sword!

Our swords are actually made from real polished metal.

They are NOT sharp on purpose, these are made for display purposes ONLY.

Not advisable for children.

They are highly detailed, high-end collection pieces.

Amazing Quality

These are just superb replica swords.
Everything about them makes them truly unique. The metal is awesome looking , the sheath’s leather looks real and high quality and the metal details are just insane!

Holding these is super satisfying and you’ll want to play around with them all the time!

Just be careful 😀

Zelda Master Sword Replica – Metal and Leather Collectibles link

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Weight 2 kg


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