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top 5 free games

Top 5 Free Games to Play While in Quarantine

We need free-to-play games for this quarantine!

During this long COVID-19 outbreak we are both forced to stay at home and some of us can’t even work! We need to find things to do that are mostly free so that our wallets still have something left in them by the end of the quarantine.

top 5 free games


Here’s our personal recommendations for the top 5 FREE games you can play to distract you from all the world’s problems 🙂

5- Brawhala 

Brawhala is a free take on games like Smash, obviously, without the Nintendo rooster some of the appeals could be lost here but that is where their tight and responsive combat system really makes it a fun and competitive game. It may not ooze nostalgia like the by now classic Smash but for fans of the Smash-like combat is a definitive must play, now with some new characters added to the game like Rayman you are sure to have a blast.

brawlhalla free game



4 – Call of Duty Warzone

I was always a fan of the modern warfare series, the feel of the guns just felt right, the cooperative aspect was a must, maps looked appropriated for each of the situations the story tried to recreate… I was hooked from the beginning. This was what made me excited for warzone coming to the free to play market! And it holds just fine! every system seems planed and (most importantly) works.

Even if admittedly I am not keen on the whole Battle Royal meta I always like new takes on it, and this is definitely closer to my comfort zone. It feels like cod, the cod I enjoyed anyway. It’s silly and has its problems of course but it feels polished enough to rival any of its rivals. And the whole you and your own team vs the world feel at home in the COD world.


cod warzone top 5 free games


So, did any of these F2P games bring out the thirst for loot so far?

My recommendation to gaming aficionados is the Gaming Mystery Box on sale right now!

3 – Heartstone

Heartstone needs no introduction, this cardgame managed to take our hearts by combining the beloved Blizzard IPs to the already popular genre of cardgames with a whole new coat of paint to revitalize the experience and what came out was a blast. Not only was this the receipt for success in the competitive market but even at a casual level, this game is a solid choice.

Create your deck, try new and interesting heroes each with a unique mechanic. It’s not pay to win at all…lol…who am I kidding? it kind of is, but that’s OK! it’s still fun 🙂


hearthstone top 5 free games


2 – Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an ongoing experience, season after season the content does not stop coming out and the quality is usually top-notch.

The story is solid, the design is awesome even if a little grim and customization is amazing as every ability can be tweaked to your liking with the gem system and a massive (absolutely massive) skill tree that allow you to design a class that is truly yours. Gear is also highly tweakable and you will spend hours not necessarily improving but suiting your armor to your likings.

The current season just started it is named “Delirium” and is mindbending. If you like the Diablo-style combat and thirst for loot this is just down your alley.

path of exile top 5 free games

1 – Warframe

Warframe is the true gift that keeps on giving, now hitting its 7th anniversary one could make the mistake that they have seen everything it has to offer but that is not exactly the truth. Each year the game-loop just gets wider.

At its core, Warframe is about being an unstoppable space ninja, missions throw pretty much everything at you with some insane levels of difficulty sometimes and after you clear hundreds of enemies you exit the level and it’s rinsed and repeat after that… Feels dull right? Not exactly, Warframe excels because they give you every tool to make your slaughters as fun as possible and trust me it IS fun. Every weapon can be moded as you please with very few limitations from the Devs. It really feels like a sci-fi playground, most things can become viable with some ingenuity and wite sometimes with comical outcomes. 

Just recently(ish) Empyrean got rolled out allowing players to craft a mothership and assemble a crew of real people to have space battles, and everything goes, boarding enemy vessels, repairing and maintaining breaches repelling enemy invasions, shooting yourself from a cannon to (forcefully) board other ships… It is a blast, pun intended!

warframe top 5 free games

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Article by: Pedro Lima


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