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Community Guidelines

Solidpop is an inclusive and uplifting community that is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, art and innovation. We celebrate artists from all backgrounds and levels of expertise. At Solidpop, we kindly request that you refrain from seeking out or engaging with content that you find objectionable. If you happen to come across any behavior or material that violates our policies, please utilize one of the reporting options on our platform. Most importantly, we encourage you to use your time here to provide encouragement to fellow artists and entrepreneurs. By fostering a positive environment, Solidpop can be an enjoyable and fulfilling space for everyone, both creators and consumers.

Age and Mature Content

Solidpop requires all members to be 16 years of age or older, as this is a legal prerequisite for entering into a contractual agreement with our platform.

Mature Content pertains to pieces that contain subject matter that may not be appropriate for all viewers, such as nudity, firearms, blood, drugs, alcohol, violence, adult language, and other similar themes.

Although we do not allow any illegal content in our website, we do allow satire that applies to many different subjects. We believe comedy is an art, and we try to protect it without breaking any laws or creating any problems. Any offensive or mature content can be removed at any time if we believe it may break any rules.

The usage of profanity or any derogatory language aimed towards another member is strictly forbidden on Solidpop, as it is classified as a personal assault. However, the use of explicit language and swearing in a broader context is deemed acceptable.

Nudity and Pornography

On Solidpop, the following material is strictly prohibited:

  • Sexually explicit material: Gratuitous displays of sexual foreplay, explicit depictions of sexual intercourse with direct genital contact, as well as real or simulated masturbation/fondling where hands come into contact with genitalia.
  • Images of genitals: Any image that is deemed to be gratuitous or unnecessary, including close-up images of the vagina, images that show intimate details of a vagina, men with a visible erection, or images where the penis is the central focus.
  • Nudity or sexualization of children: Solidpop takes a conservative stance on images of children. Children should be appropriately dressed, with no uncovered genitals, no bare bottoms, and, for pubescent girls, no exposed chests. We define a child as anyone under the age of 18.
  • General titillation: Images created solely to sexually arouse the viewer, with no attempt to make an artistic statement, are not permitted on Solidpop.

Violence and Hatred

Solidpop does not allow artwork that glorifies or trivializes violence or human suffering. This includes graphic depictions of violence, works that make light of violent acts, and artwork or behavior with the intention of inciting hatred or violence. We also prohibit the promotion of organizations, groups, or individuals with a history of violence and/or a hateful agenda.

Artwork that addresses catastrophic events, such as genocides or holocausts, or other atrocities must be handled with sensitivity. We understand that some artwork has the potential to cause serious distress to victims and may remove such works if necessary.

Solidpop prohibits racist content or behavior as well as any material designed to incite racism. Racism is defined as either the hatred or intolerance of another race, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior, or a belief that all members of a racial group possess characteristics specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as being inferior.

Works that use racist terms in a casual and/or derogatory way are not allowed. We will consider the context in which the words are used before making a decision to remove something. However, as a general rule, we do not permit situations where these words are used for anything other than legitimate discussion or commentary. For example, an artist using a racial slur in a written work to describe their personal experiences of racism would be allowed, but a t-shirt featuring the slur as a slogan would not.

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