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Try our Candy and Snacks Boxes and taste the various candies from the tv shows you love with our American Mystery Box. Gather your friends and try some of the iconic sweets and treats from the United States of America. You’ll find recognizable snacks like twinkies as seen on Zombieland, Babyruth bars from the iconic 80’s movie The Goonies and you’ll even find Wonka candy based on the actual Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Eager to try uncommon sweets? No need to travel far to be able to taste the unique flavors from Asia anymore. We have snacks and candy imported from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and more inside our Asian Candy Mystery Box! From the classic Pocky to the squishy Mochi, matcha flavored snacks to kawaii packaging, you’ll experience the most unique sweets and treats with this box!

Showing all 2 results

Showing all 2 results

The American Candy Mystery Box will surprise you with the most iconic candy and snacks you see on TV shows and movies! From Twinkies , Nerds , Hershey’s , Reese’s , Rocky Road and more!

The Asian Candy Mystery Box will allow you to travel through Asia and taste their unique flavors! You’ll get a variety of candy and snacks like Pocky , Ramen , Fortune Cookies , Anime and Pokémon themed candy and more! Travel to Japan , South Korea , Thailand , China and more with our Asian Candy and Snacks Box!