American Candy and Snacks Mystery Box Bestsellers america
American Candy and Snacks Mystery Box
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American Candy and Snacks Mystery Box


American Candy Mystery Box – The contents will be similar to what you see on the product picture, depending on the size you choose – but remember since it’s a mystery box we change the contents every time so that it is a surprise 😀

Has this ever happened to you: you’re watching a show and the characters are eating some treat you’ve never seen in stores, and you want some of that too, damn it. In fact, you’ve heard about Twinkies about a million times, but what the hell IS a Twinkie? And what do you mean, there’s a bunch of different flavors of Oreos? Well, wonder no more: this Mystery Box has got you covered.

Surprise yourself or a friend with some American snacks you’ve always wanted to try. Use the loot box format as an excuse to indulge in more candy than you usually would, because hey, you’re trying new things. Expanding your horizons. Hell, you deserve praise for making it to that third snack box. Good for you.

Scroll down to see what comes included with each box size.

These boxes make the best gifts ever! Never worry about what to get your friends and family again!

We added an extra day to the processing time due to a high volume of sales, but don’t worry we are still shipping all of them in a timely fashion! 😀

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American Candy and Snacks Mystery Box Bestsellers america

What’s inside a Standard Mystery Box?

The Standard sized Mystery Box will include at least 12 popular snacks , a mix of sweets and salty treats.
Also some extra gifts 😀
American Candy and Snacks Mystery Box Bestsellers america

What’s inside a Large Mystery Box?

Each Large box will include at least 18 popular snacks, a mix of sweets and salty treats.
Also ven MORE gifts 😀

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17 reviews for American Candy and Snacks Mystery Box

  1. Susan Hull

    Thank you for the extra candy! i loved the tiny reeses

  2. Tyson

    We loved it!

  3. Ivana


  4. Snatchi

    will order more soon!

  5. Daniel

    This is awesome! Thank you

  6. Loui

    took a while to get to Australia but that’s ok because of COVID-19
    Plus, the box is WORTH THE WAIT!!

  7. Jenny Faray


  8. Petea

    really well worth it!

  9. Jesper

    I definitely recommend!!!!!

  10. Katie

    Very mysterious! Was really surprise with the outcome, I totally recomend it!

  11. Sam P.

    Loved it, need to order more soon!

  12. Frankie

    well worth the wait!

  13. Albert Schmitz

    Loved it! super recommend

  14. Jacob

    Awesome snacks!

  15. Tyrene

    Pretty good!

  16. Chicky

    Was hoping even more but i guess its OK considering its imported candy

  17. Joyce

    great! will buy more very soon!

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