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Want to work at SOLID POP? Lets talk.

Working at SOLIDPOP is pretty great. Everyone who doesn’t agree , doesn’t work for us (they get fired on the spot).

So yeah everyone loves working with us, because they like having a job and providing for their families.

Kidding aside, our workplace is meant for the most creative and positive people. We joke around all the time, but we get s#”$ done too. It does require a certain special character to be able to keep a fun profile but be extremely result driven at the same time. It’s not for everyone, but those who fit in love it!

It seems we don’t have a specific opening right now, but we have recruited people from random applications before, so if you have a proposition, why not get in touch right?

Our HQ is in Braga, Portugal. But we do recruit people to work remotely as independent contractors to create stuff for us all the time!

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