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streambeats alternative

Is there a Streambeats Alternative?

Here at Solidpop, we support many creators through sponsorships and other collaborations because we have YouTubers and Twitch Streamers on our team! So you can say content creation is embedded deep in our culture.

As streamers, we found it difficult to find new sources for DMCA-free songs we could use for streaming on Twitch or YouTube.

Although Harris Heller’s Streambeats is great, like a great restaurant, sometimes it’s good to have another option to diversify a little bit.

Hence came our new project, Suki Beats

suki beats

Suki Beats is easily the best Streambeats alternative, here’s why:

1- Made by content creators, for content creators

I know it’s a cheesy catchphrase, but it’s important to state. We make and commission these songs thinking about how we would use them as streamers and YouTubers. Some songs may be great, but there isn’t really a place for them in a video or stream.

2- They are owned by us, and tested before being released

Some songs are made in-house, and others are commissioned by us. We make sure all the legalities are met so that we own 100% of the songs, and we make sure we submit them online with no content ID (meaning they won’t be flagged on youtube or otherwise). Also, before releasing them for you guys, we post these songs on youtube to check if they are flagged by the system. It can still happen because some musicians use royalty-free sound banks to make their songs, and if another musician uses the same sounds, it can be mistaken by the content ID algorithm.

3- We are active in making sure everyone is safe

Although we own the songs and test them, false claims still happen and problems may arise. We are here if something happens: people can contact us and we can both help the creator with legal documents proving they have the rights to use the songs, and we also may remove the problematic songs from our libraries so that it doesn’t create problems for anyone else.

We love certain genres of videos, like horror and true crime – these videos also need spooky copyright-free songs that really aren’t easy to find, so here you go, we made a full album called Dark Melodies you can use completely free.

5- You get new songs every month

You’ll never be tired of listening to the same songs because you get a new album with 10 new tracks every month!

Honestly, we didn’t expect this project to take off as fast as it did, it’s really awesome to enter a random twitch stream and find out the streamer is using our songs!

Thank you for the amazing support you guys have been giving!

Miguel Pinto Ferreira
Solidpop & Suki Beats Founder

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