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Size Shoulder ( cm / inches ) Height ( cm / inches )
Men's S
46 cm / 18.11 in
69 cm / 27 in
Men's M
50 cm / 19.6 in
71 cm / 28 in
Men's L
54 cm / 21.2 in
73 cm / 29 in
Men's XL
58 cm / 23 in
75 cm / 30 in
Men's 2XL
62 cm / 24.4 in
77 cm / 30.3 in
Women's S
39 cm / 15.3 in
59 cm / 23.2 in
Women's M
42 cm / 16.5 in
61 cm / 24 in
Women's L
45 cm / 18 in
64 cm / 25 in
Women's XL
48 cm / 19 in
66 cm / 26 in
Women's 2XL
52 cm / 20.4 in
69 cm / 27 in
Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us Clothing cute
Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us

Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us


  • Ellie’s iconic t-shirt with a sunset design just like she wears in the Last of Us game
  • Perfect for everyday wear or cosplay, just need to weathered it a bit and it’s good to go!
  • Printed in high-quality and durable flex-vinyl!
  • Comfy 100% Cotton
  • Men’s and Women’s sizes available
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  • 24h Response time
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Ellie’s “sunset t-shirt” from the popular video game series “Last of Us” has become an iconic part of her character design. The t-shirt, which features a bright yellow sun setting over a mountain range, is more than just a simple wardrobe choice. In fact, the shirt has a deeper significance that ties directly into Ellie’s backstory and character development.

According to the game’s developers, the sunset t-shirt was originally a gift to Ellie from her best friend, Riley, who gave it to her on the day they decided to run away from their military boarding school together. The shirt holds sentimental value for Ellie, as it represents a pivotal moment in her life and her close bond with Riley.
Throughout the series, Ellie is seen wearing the sunset t-shirt on numerous occasions, including during some of the game’s most emotionally charged moments. The shirt has become a symbol of Ellie’s resilience, determination, and the important relationships in her life.

As a fan of the Last of Us, owning your own Sunset T-shirt is an awesome way to connect with Ellie and her story. It’s a subtle yet meaningful way to show your appreciation for the game’s rich characters and immersive storytelling. So why not add this iconic shirt to your wardrobe and feel a deeper connection to the world of Last of Us?

Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us Clothing cute

Quality Control 💪  

Our t-shirts are 100% cotton, lightweight and
long-lasting material!
We spot check all of our shirts for defects and
problems to make sure you get a
perfect tee every time!

Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us Clothing cute
Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us Clothing cute

High Quality Flex Vinyl 

We use the best quality flex vinyl available in the market!
Stretchy and soft to touch print.
High quality and durable material! Wash it as many times as you want, but preferable iron it inside out to make the design last as long as possible!

Various colors and sizes available! 🌈

Get any color of all the 14 choices we have available.
All the colors on the rainbow and then some!
If you can’t find your favorite color here,
you can’t find it anywhere.
We offer both ladies and men’s sizes.
Make sure to check our size chart 
before placing the order.

Ellie Sunset T-Shirt – The Last of Us Clothing cute

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