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American candy from movies and tv shows

Iconic American Candy From Movies and Shows

Has this ever happened to you: you’re watching a show and the characters are eating some treat you’ve never seen in stores, and you want some of that too, damn it. Look no further, SOLIDPOP has you covered. From TwinkiesNerdsHershey’sReese’s, Babyruth, Milk Duds, and more!

We import the best and most iconic candy from America, here are some of the most popular American Candy and Snacks that can be seen on TV!


You’ve probably seen this golden sponge cake with creamy filling before and heard about the urban legend that claims that Twinkies have an infinite shelf life. While we can’t confirm that theory, they do last a very long time indeed and never lose their original shape and fluffiness. Twinkie is probably the most iconic american candy we’ve all heard from movies and shows.

However, Zombieland proves this theory as the world is filled with zombies and Twinkies are still fine and tasty to eat!

twinkies 2 pack



The classic and beloved Baby Ruth candy bar delivers an awesome creamy flavor of caramel and fudge-like nougat mixed with the crunchiness of the whole peanuts. Another famous and iconic american candy seen on television.

As seen on Goonies, Chunk and Sloth share a Baby Ruth chocolate bar which ultimately leads to their friendship

baby ruth bar


Milk Duds

If you like bite-sized candy mixed with a good tv show then you’ve heard of the milk-chocolate-covered caramels: Milk Duds. Delicious and iconic american candy seen on television.

Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory is seen eating some Milk Duds in one episode and he has something to say about them.

Sheldon’s quote: “Milk Duds, with their self-deprecating name and remarkably mild flavor, are the most apologetic of the boxed candies.”



There’s a lot more amazing candy and snacks that you can try on SOLIDPOP, and if you’re unsure of what to get, worry not! Give our American Mystery Box a try and you won’t be disappointed! We can assure you that you’ll get a mix of the most iconic chocolates, sweets, and snacks from America.

AMERICAN candy box

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