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how to make money on animal crossing

Top 7 Ways to make money on Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here are the top 7 ways to earn some bells on Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Money makes the world go round and that’s no different on Animal Crossing: New Horizon for Nintendo Switch. 

how to make money on animal crossing


There are several things that you can do with money (in this case Bells), being one of those buying furniture, tools, clothing or you can even upgrade your house and buildings.with that being said let’s go get some of those sweet bells.


1 – Catching Bugs and Fishes

The first way to get easy money is to go fishing or catching bugs, keep in mind that there are several species of both so obvious ones will give you more money out of them, and also, some species just appear in certain seasons.


earning bells on animal crossing



The best fish to sell in Animal Crossing:

Football Fish, this one you can sell for 5.000 Bells, he’s around between November-March and 4 pm – 9 am in the sea, this one is a good balance of an uncommon fish and a good price.


most valuable fish in animal crossing


Oarfish, his price is 9.000 Bells, you can find the Oarfish in any day time between December-May in the sea, this one is a rare fish.


rare fish animal crossing


Blue Marlin, with the price of 10.000 Bells, you can find him between November-April and July-September, he appears at the pier so when you go by have a quick glance.


blue marlin rare fish


Golden Trout, The price of this one is 15.000 Bells, he can be found between March-May and September-November between 4 pm – 9 am, he’ll be located in the source of the river at the highest elevation.

Don’t forget to bring a ladder and fish bait with you that way you can catch a bunch of them without having to go back and forward all the time. He’s a very rare fish so be patient, it will be worth it. 


golden trout animal crossing


Sharks, the price of the shark can vary from 8.000-15.000 Bells, throughout the year there are many varieties of the shark, but as long as you fish at sea between 4 pm – 9 am there is a rare chance for you to find one.

Baby Shark tutu ruru turu…


shark animal crossing


Coelacanth, the last one is worth 15.000 Bells, The Coelacanth is back in New Horizons, the rule is simple for this one, it needs to rain, he’s available to catch all year round, at all times of day from the ocean, keep in mind this one is Infamous for being one of the rarest fishes in Animal Crossing series, so let’s hope luck is on your side.


Coelacanth rare fish animal crossing


The best Bugs to sell in Animal Crossing:

Wasp, this first one has a price of 2.500 Bells, we can get them all year round at any time of the day, it’s pretty simple, just go crazy shaking trees and you’ll find some.

animal crossing wasp


Peacock Butterfly, this one is sold for 2.500 Bells also, it appears between March-June between 4 am – 7 pm.

Peacock Butterfly animal crossing


Emperor Butterfly, with a price of 4.000 Bells, it appears between January-March, June-September, and December between 5 pm – 8 am.


emperor butterfly animal crossing


Rainbow stag, you can sell this one for 6.000 Bells, it appears between January-March, June-September, and December, between 7 pm – 8 am, this one can be found on trees.


rainbow stag



The Tarantula can be sold for 8.000 Bells, it can be found on the ground and its time period is between January-April, November-December between 7 pm – 4 am.

For this one, you have to be patient, and creep on it, when the tarantula sees you it will stand and at that moment you have to stop until it goes to the ground again, do a couple of more steps then, do this until u get close enough to use the net. Be careful, sometimes the Tarantula will go after, and will bite you!


tarantula animal crossing


Scorpion, the last bug on the list, it has the price of 8.000 Bells, it appears Between May-October and November-April, and it appears between 7 pm – 4 am. The mechanic is similar to the Tarantula.


scorpion animal crossing


In Animal Crossing, Money does grow on trees


animal crossing getting more money


People often say “money doesn’t grow on trees” well in Animal Crossing you couldn’t be more wrong, it does grow on trees, once a day will appear a glowing yellow spot on the ground:


animal crossing glowing spot on the ground


You will get 1.000 Bells just by digging it, but don’t cover it yet! You can also plant some money, you have to convert some money into an item, the ideal is for you to plant 10.000 Bells, its the best number and you’ll get the most out of it, plant it, and 5 days later it will drop 3 bags with the number that you planted, that way you have  20.000 Bells profit.


The Money Rock

Did you know once a day there will be one rock that will give you money instead of stones or iron nuggets? this is true, you can hit the stone with the Shovel or an Axe and you can get 20.000 Bells if you hit 8 times in a row, be wary, you cannot miss any hit or it will stop giving you money, for that, you want to dig 2-3 holes behind you, so you don’t go back when u hit the rock, and the rest, the rest is money!


animal crossing money rock



Non-Native Fruit

When you start playing the game, you’ll see that there is a single fruit type growing, this type will be your Native Fruit, this can be one of the following five types: Apple, Cherrie, Orange, Peach, or Pear, all the other for will be Non-Native, as for the natives you can sell the fruit for 100 Bells each, on the other hand, non-native ones will sell for 500 Bells each.


native fruits animal crossing


Some ways to find these non-native trees are in the Nook Islands, that you can visit when spending a Nook Ticket. Bring the fruit back and plant on your island so you have a reliable source of money every harvest, you can also bring the entire tree back to your island so you don’t waste time while it’s growing (more on this topic on an article coming up). You can also have other friends that play Animal Crossing, if this is the case then the process becomes even easier, in this way, you can sell your native in his island and it is a non-native in their island, you’ll get 500 Bells for each, also don’t forget to collect his fruits and sell on your home town.

Never forget that the more trees you have, the more return you’ll have.



Turnips are also a really reliable source of Bells overall and we made you a full article about that will be released really soon! The link will be here 🙂


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